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It's all about Instant Access to a high caliber tutor! With hundreds of tutors ready to teach - any time, day or night - you will find that our proficient tutors are only a video-call away.  Best of all, our prices are about half of what is charged by others in the marketplace.


Seemetutor is the brain child of a very successful retired attorney who himself was a tutor at Rutgers law school and went on to receive his Master's degree in law from NYU. Seemetutor.com is built on his philosophy that "to bestow knowledge upon another, one must be a devoted and knowledgeable teacher".


Our one-on-one "video-classrooms" have been fully integrated into the Seemetutor website. The User's experience should be seamless. This way the learning process can proceed without interruption.


" I am so happy to have found Seemetutor. You guys are awesome! "
"No other online service compares. I can't thank you enough."
"Keep up the good work! "
"You guys are out of this world. I love the fact that you can just click and talk to a tutor for 10 minutes or 10 hours. Just cool! "
"Hats off to you Seemetutor. "
"As a single mom, I really like the fact that I don't have to have strangers over my house. Really is great to have this video connection. "
"I'm so impressed to see a company that really cares for the hearing impaired. Really heart warming. "
"I really love everything about your website. Thanks so much. "
"Having access to online tutors that can communicate in sign language is well over due. God bless. "
"I love it! I can learn a new language while at home sitting on my couch! "

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Tutors that are experts in their fields

Before any tutor is permitted access to our students, we make sure that they are qualified to tutor in the subjects in which they profess to be proficient. Unlike other online tutoring websites who accept pretty much anyone who applies, we take our job seriously. They boast thousands of tutors - mostly kids who are looking to make quick spending money. We boast mature and experienced tutors - many of whom teach for a living!

Get one question answered or take a lesson

Seemetutor gives you absolute freedom. You are never tied down to taking a full lesson. You can video-call a tutor for help in resolving just one question on a homework assignment or you can schedule weekly lessons. It's always your choice.

Tutors in over 40 Subjects

Students can get help in over 40 subjects, ranging from elementary math to computer programing in Java. Wait - and that's not all! Every day we are adding more subjects in fields that interest our students.

Tutors for hearing impaired

Sadly, the hearing impaired are often forgotten by the business community. However, this is not the case with Seemetutor. Our video-classrooms are an ideal vehicle when it comes to tutoring the hearing impaired. Our proprietary video platform allows for stable, clear and unhindered sign language communication between the tutor and the student.

Can't beat our rates

Our Pricing is straight forward. NEVER a contract. NO weekly or monthly subscriptions. Just pay as you go. Our pricing is as low as $13.75 per 25 minute block. The more blocks you buy at one time, the cheaper the price. Its always cheaper to buy as many blocks as you expect that you may need during a 30 day period. See our pricing page.

No More home visits

With Seemetutor's private video-classrooms there is never a need to have strangers coming into your home and disturbing the family routine. Not to mention having the security of knowing that you and/or your children are safe from potential criminal acts of others who may gain access to your home under the guise of tutoring. Our tutors come to you through your computer screen - Its much safer that way!

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