1. Is Online tutoring as effective as conventional methods of tutoring?

Video conferencing is an extremely effective tool in furthering education in the 21st century. With the advent of video calling, safety is never an issue any longer and instant access to a tutor is now attainable. TUTORING DOESNT NEED TO BE DONE THE OLD FASHIONED WAY ANY MORE! During A video tutoring session, a student will have the ability to share screens,and send files to each other, as well as other tools that your tutor will use when needed. We’re absolutely confident that you will find our private video classrooms every bit as effective as conventional tutoring.

2. How do I know that the tutor is available to proceed with a video lesson?

Next to every picture of each tutor there is a Status button. If the button shows that the tutor is available you can click the chat button to re-confirm with the tutor that he/she is ready proceed with a tutoring session and then it's one click from there to enter into the private classroom.

3. At what point do I start getting charged for the tutoring session?

Time charges start from when the video classroom is entered by both the student and the tutor. However, we never charge the student for the first minute of time of any session. We do this to allow the tutor a little time to get settled after the call is received.

4. Is Seemetutor 24/7?

Yes. We have hundreds of tutors all over the United States. Odds are you will find a tutor that is available to give you a lesson at any time - day or night.

5. What if the tutor suggests that he give me a lesson outside of Seemetutor?

ThIs is not allowed by our Terms of Use that you must agree to before you can use our service. It is also not permitted by the agreement that the tutor signs. Let alone that this is not ethical practice.

6. What if I do not like the tutor that I chose.

This is the great advantage of Video chat tutorial lessons. If you do not like the tutor you chose, then you are free to politely terminate the lesson and pick another tutor that is available.

7. What if I really like a specific tutor - can I set consistent appointments with him/her?

Absolutely. You are encouraged to use our tutor scheduler to make a request for a specific tutor to teach you on a set schedule.

8. I am hearing impaired. How do I know that the tutor that I choose on Seemetutor will know sign language?

When you register, you will be asked if you require access to tutors who know sign language. If you answer yes to that question then all the tutors who you will see once logged in will be tutors that can teach you using sign language.

9. Can I receive a refund if I did not like the tutor.

Unfortunately we can not give refunds due to constraints we have with the tutors. You are encouraged to quickly, yet politely, end the lesson if you are not happy with the way the tutor is explaining things. We also ask you to give the tutor the appropriate rating after the lesson ends so that we can internally review his/her overall work rating and take remedial steps.

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