Tutors for the Hearing Impaired

Sadly, the hearing impaired are often forgotten by the business community. However, this is not the case with Seemetutor. Our video-classrooms are an ideal vehicle when it comes to tutoring the hearing impaired. Our proprietary video platform allows for stable, clear and unhindered sign language communication between the tutor and the student.

We know quite well that it takes a special individual to transverse all the obstacles that come along with tutoring the hearing impaired. That's why the tutors enlisted for this specialized program were not only selected for their expertise in the subject matter, but also for their patience and compassion as individuals.

We offer all the same subjects for the hearing impaired students as we do for the non-hearing impaired. We always welcome the feedback and recommendations of our special needs students. This allows us to assure that Seemetutor never falls behind in its commitment to providing the best educational experience to ALL our students.

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