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Our Pricing is straight forward

NEVER a contract. NO weekly or monthly subscriptions. Just pay as you go. Pricing is as low as $13.75 per 25 minute block. The more blocks you buy at one time, the cheaper the price. It's always cheaper to buy as many blocks as you expect that you may need during a 30 day period. You're never required to use the entire block at any given time. However, there is a minimum of 6 minutes charged per session. The first minute of each session is always FREE. This allows the tutor some time to settle in after the Video call has been received.

Our Simple Pricing:

Buy 4 blocks or more - $13.75 per 25 minute block
Buy 2-3 blocks - $14.75 per 25 minute block
Buy 1 block at a time - $15.75 per 25 minute block

In order to maintain a seamless tutoring session and to avoid having an automatic cutoff of the video for lack of funds in a users account; all user accounts are set to automatically recharge once the balance falls to $5 or below.

We never chain you up

Unlike other website and tutoring facilities that chain you up, Seemetutor NEVER makes you enter into contracts. We never push you into weekly or monthly subscriptions. We're so simple. Just pay as you go. And unlike other online sites where your purchase expires after 7 days, Seemetutor time blocks last for a full 30 days!

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